fingerprint-456483_960_720All instructors have vast experience in “the real world” of business, making presentations, overcoming objections, closing the sale, etc. They bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom setting.

Lindsey & Associates will conduct a thorough Needs-Analysis Assessment to determine client’s individual needs prior to all training. We customize all training based on the results of Individual Needs-Analysis Assessment in order to target each student’s unique strengths and areas for improvement.

During our workshops, we utilize a variety of learning methods, such as: Pre-Work Assignment Questionnaire Prior To Workshop, Instructor Presentation, Small Group Exercises, Team Exercises, Individual Student Presentation, Video, Skill Practice Exercises, Skill-Assessment Questionnaires, and Follow-up Assignments.

We follow-up with management after every workshop to assure that homework assignments are completed and offer free consultation on a continuous basis.

We continually contact students to ascertain progress and offer suggestions on how he or she can further utilize skills taught in the workshop.

Our monthly newsletter, AdVisions, is sent to every student free of charge; and it is an excellent source for the latest marketing and sales information.

Students are encouraged to keep in contact with Lindsey & Associates to share success stories, objections they encounter, and motivational experiences.

Cost-effective webinars can also be customized for your specific needs.