Lindsey & Associates conducts a variety of Public Workshops.

Generating Business During Tough Economic Times

Many businesses are suffering very challenging times because of the dramatic economic downturn. However, businesses can either curse the darkness or light a candle. This 90 minute workshop helps shed light on creative action steps that can be taken by companies to not only stay in business but also prosper during these tough times. The class reviews conventional ways to generate business and introduces innovative steps that are being taken by business owners who think outside the box. The workshop covers the seven remedies for business success.

Improve Your Resume and Your Job Interviewing Skills

Today’s competitive job market requires knowledge of resume-writing skills and job interviewing techniques. This dynamic workshop will boost your confidence as you learn how to write a powerful resume, how to improve rapport building and interviewing skills, and how to stay motivated and keep a positive attitude during your job search. This affordable 60-minute workshop includes an informative workbook. Click forSchedule.

Seven Steps To Brand Your Business For Better Success

Branding a business is a critical step to the business’ success. This class covers the seven steps for effective branding: Positioning, Name Recognition, Location, Public Relations, Customer Service, Advertising, and Marketing. The 90 minute seminar has a great deal of student interaction and class participation. Business Owners need to come prepared to re-brand their company’s image to generate more business.

Seven Steps To A More Successful Marketing and Advertising Program

This 90 minute workshop covers the seven steps necessary to take in order for a business to be and stay successful. Business owners are taught The Principle Of The M.A.P (Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion). The main reason why companies go out of business is because they do not have a U.S.A. (Unique Selling Advantage). This course helps students identify their U.S.A. and develop stronger Advertising and Promotion ideas.

Seven Steps To More Successful Selling

Many businesses fail because employees do not know how to sell their product and/or services effectively. This class teaches the business owners and their employees how to develop rapport, conduct a needs-analysis interview, provide appropriate features, benefits and company advantages, overcome objections, and close the sale. The course has numerous skill practice exercises and a homework assignment.

How To Create A Solid Business Plan

Business owners and associates learn how to create a business plan based upon the Vision, Mission and Strategy Principle. Over 85% of businesses do not have a business plan that they can share with employees or customers. During this 90 minute or half-day session, students learn the seven principles necessary for a solid business plan and begin creating one that will sustain the company during the company’s peaks and valleys. Participants identify the company’s SWOTS (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Solutions to Weaknesses and Threats).

Christian-Principled Customer Service

This seminar teaches the student how to “Serve one another with a Christian-Principled Agenda.” Students identify the qualities they would like to see in a Christian-Principled company and compare these qualities to those currently present at their company. Extensive skill practice and sharing exercises are a huge part of this course. Students complete a customer service questionnaire to identify areas of customer service strength and customer service weaknesses. The seminar’s length can be 90 minutes, one-half day, or a full day.